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Dr. Travis

New Patient Appointment (40 min) - $125
(not required for laser or massage)
Adjustment Dr. Travis Tourjee - $50

Dr. Rachel

Cranial/Neck Treatments -See description
The next few months Dr. Rachel will only be able to treat low intensity patients and nutrition clients per recommendations by her healthcare provider. Acceptable treatments include, neck adjustments, cranial/sacral, traction, laser, muscle work, nutrition counseling, and supplement testing. Off limits treatments will be anything below the neck. If you have primarily low back complaints or would like high intensity adjustments throughout your body, please see Dr. Travis during this time. Dr. Rachel will not be able to resume these treatments until she is recovered from pregnancy and postpartum. We appreciate your understanding during this time. Unfortunately chiropractic is a very physically taxing job on a pregnant momma and Dr. Rachel does not want to risk premature delivery.
Funtional Medicine Follow Up Appointment - $85
This is appropriate for bloodwork evaluation or routine holistic health patient follow ups
Supplement Consult/ Muscle Testing - $65
This is for patients referred for supplement eval from other chiropractors or Dr. Travis
Prospective New Patient Interview - $0
Only pre-interviewed candidates may be eligible to start care with Dr. Rachel. THIS IS A PHONE CALL OR ZOOM MEETING INTERVIEW! Dr. Travis accepts traditional chiropractic new patients.
New Patient for Holistic Health - $150

see for more details
this payment can be applied toward $700 whole program cost
Zoom New Patient Holistic Health - $150
We would rather evaluate you in person but we understand that scheduling and travel can be tricky so we created on online option for you!

Zoom Follow Up - $85
Genetics Testing - $300
Test involves cheek swab which takes about 5 min to complete. Then the test will be out to the lab for about 5 weeks. Dr. Rachel will call you when results are in to discuss findings. Report of finding appointment included in cost.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Laser Appointment 1-2 areas - $30
Laser may be performed by any practitioner. If you need a female please specify in note.
Laser Extended (multiple areas) - $50
Laser therapy for more than 1 area. Laser may be performed by any practitioner. If you need a female please specify in note.


Massage 1 hour - $63
This is only covered by BCBS Messa or State of Michigan Employees
Massage 90 minutes - $94.50
Massage 75 Min - $78.75
As of July 1st, BCBS MESSA only covers 1 hour massage! We will still bill for 1 hour, but you will be responsible for the 15 extra minutes.
Massage Half Hour - $31.50

Nutrition w/ Erica MSN

Nutritional guidance visit - $50
This can be used for any dietary or condition specific advice
Body Composition Scan (fat analysis) - $50
Please do not eat or drink 3 hours before scan and wear light clothing
*$50 may be applied towards a package*
Zoom Nutritional Guidance Visit - $50
This can be used for any dietary or condition specific advice
Thyroid Management - $50
Chirothin Weight Loss Program - $549
6 visits with nutritionist
body scan
weight loss program
recipe book

**Please see Functional Nutrition page for informational video**
ChiroThin Check in - $0
visit 2-6 of Chirothin program
Leaky Gut Program - $300
2 visits
Leaky Gut Supplement Program
Autoimmune Diet Instruction
Whole Body Cleanse Program (21 Day) - $200
Extensive Liver/gall Bladder Detox Program
2 Appointments with Nutritionist
Supplements Included
Genetics Test - $300
Tests take 3-5 weeks to get results. Please do not eat 1 hour before. Stay hydrated with water. This is a cheek swab, not blood test.

This includes cost of follow up visit
Genetics Review - $0
Review of findings from genetic testing and nutrition recommendations according to results


Stress Management Nutrition and Strategies - $40
Nutrition and Aging - $40
Nutri-Genomics - $40
DNA based nutrition is a helpful strategy to help you filter through the plethora of nutrition information out there and nail down the strategies that are right for YOU.

Through simple symptom questions, we can identify which gene pattern
Option to purchase DNA test kit at end of seminar. (Usually $300 but $250 if purchased at seminar)

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